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    Will I lose my Unlimited Data plan?


      Hi, I currently have an LG Vortex, which I got sometime in June of this year when I was scheduled for an update. Obviously, my phone isn't ready for an update yet, but if I take in a phone I already have (such as my father's, which he's giving me because he's getting himself an iPhone) and take it into Verizon to have them switch me over to that one (which is a Droid 2), will I lose the unlimited data plan I have currently on my phone since they got rid the the unlimited data recently?


      Basically, by switching phones, will I lose my data plan?


      And also, since I'm not buying a new phone, that's not technically updating, so I don't have to pay for the early update fee, right?



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          Using your fathers old phone will not change the contract end date.


          To keep your unlimited data one of the two rules apply:


          If you have a feature/basic phone and get a new feature/basic phone

          If you have a smartphone and get a new smartphone.


          However if you go from a feature phone to a smartphone, or from a smartphone to a feature phone you will lose your unlimited data plan


          Since the Vortex is considered a smartphone (I think it is) you will keep your unlimited data plan

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            Hi I had a similar question concerning unlimited data plans. I currently have two droid 2 global smartphones on my account & they both have the unlimited data plan that was available at the time we purchased the phones. We are nearing the end of the 2 year contract & were thinking about upgrading to a newer smartphone with another 2 year contract. Will we loose the unlimited data plan if we upgrade both of our smartphones with 2 year agreements again???

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              ok...i wouldn't think they would rip it away but wasn't sure. Also i had a smartphone talks free promo i got back then so i assume that would stay as well anyone know? smartphones talk free was a promo they had towards the end of 2010 & it basically gave you a $10 credit per month for the 2nd line making it free for the line.

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                Your two Droid 2 globals are smartphones, so by upgrading to another smartphone, you will KEEP the unlimited data on each of those lines.  (YAY!!)  As far as the talk free promo - I don't know.  You can upgrade and see if the promo remains, or maybe someone who has has that promo in place and upgraded can tell us if it stayed or not. 

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                  I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 15 years. I recently found out that there is no advantage to continuing as a customer. Not only will I now be charged a $30 fee to stay their customer upon renewal (this is supposed to be okay since everyone else is doing it), my plan will automatically be changed for our whole family and I will now be paying more a month for less service. So the benefits of staying a customer used to be grandfathering the plan you have, great renewal perks, and no fees; all gone. Why stay? No reason to. Thank you Verizon.


                  So the response from 4/2/12 is outdated.  You cannot keep your (grandfather) old plan.  That is a perk that has been taken away.

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                    Then why did you respond to post that was that old? In April 2012, the information WAS correct. The policies changed after that point on 6/28/2012.

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                      We have been discussing this at our house.  My son currently has a smart phone.  If he buys a new phone privately and brings it to VZ to replace his current phone, do I lose unlimited data on his line? 

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                        if you get a subsidized phone (i.e., sign a new two-year contract), you lose it; otherwise, no

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          MLee8298, I would first like to thank you for being our customer for 15years. We truly appreciate you. The upgrade fee covers cost associated with the set up of your new device and lots of awesome benefits you have grown to love. If you upgrade a line on your account, you only have to switch the data plan on that line to tiered pricing unless the Shared data plan is better for you and your family. Great news! You can keep unlimited data by purchasing your phone a full price. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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