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    iPhone not showing contacts names in text messaging after sync AND reset


      Three days ago, I bought the iPhone 4S as an updgrade from the 3GS. I also transferred my wireless service plan from AT&T to Verizon. Since doing that, very strange things are happening. For example, my contacts appeared to transfer without a problem, but whenever I attempt a call to a number that does not have a "1" stored in front of it, it tells me that I am attempting a long-distance or international call and the call won't go thru unless I place a 1 in front of the number and store it that way. Also, whenever I send text messages and someone replies, their message comes back to my phone under the phone number only and not the name that is stored in my contacts. This happens even when the contact sends a direct message to me that is not a reply. (Imagine all the "Merry Christmas" messages I received yesterday that I have no idea who they were from, except the 5 out of 300 contacts whose numbers I have memorized!!) I have gone to the Apple Store and the "Genius" there reset my phone, which temporarily fixed the problem, but now it is back. I did a soft reset, now it randomly selects which names will show up in my text message window. (For example, yesterday, the name "Jane" shows a message that says "Merry Christmas", but after the reset, only Jane's number shows up in the text screen with the same message from yesterday.)


      Does anyone know what in the world is going on?? This is Very Annoying! I'm tempted to go back to AT&T, as I am being told that the iphone technology, even for 4S, is not as compatible on Verizon as it is with AT&T. Please help!  

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