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    Order Tracking


      I ordered a Black iPhone 16G 4S on 12/15.  I originally placed my order on 12/8 in a Verizon store.  I was told on the 15th that the order wasn't placed because of a balance on our account.  Cleared the account and placed the order again.  Received an order confirmation same day.  Have been unsuccessfully trying to track the order ever since.  All I get is a response saying that they are having "technical difficulties".  Anyone else having this problem? 



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          Yeah I'm having the same problem. I was told mine would be shipped at the absolute latest on the 24th and I would receiver a confirmation e-mail when it went out. I still have not received the email and I am getting the error message every time I try to track it. I'm DREADING calling the customer service number, but it seems I don't have a choice now.

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            I sent an email to Verizon customer support and they responded the next day. They didn't respond to the issue with the order tracking problem but did confirm that my order was in process. The next day I did receive an email stating that my order was ready for shipment. I can now track it via FedEx. It is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.