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    Push and Fetch for e-mail - iPhone 4S


      Hello!  I was wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I have. 


      I recently upgraded to a iPhone 4S from a iPhone 3G from at&t.  I have been having some issues, but my main complaint has been with the "Push" and "Fetch" in my e-mail settings.  I have Mobile Me for my e-mail address, and usually the mail would go straight to my phone.  When I got the 4S, I have to retrieve them manually.  Usually if I restart the phone (and it's been doing that itself lately), I would get e-mail sent to me automatically only for a few hours.  I have it set at 15 minutes in the Fetch setting, but like my problem states, I have to check manually.  I know this sounds like a lazy problem, but it should work as programmed, right?


      I have brought it to the the Apple store and asked if other people had similar issues, and the employee told me there was not.  However, all they did for me was to reset the phone.  Again, it was working the way it should for only a few hours and then stopped.  All that and I had to re-customize the phone to my personal settings. 


      I was hoping that switching to Verizon will give me a better experience.  But so far between this issue and the others, I had less problems with at&t, which is scary.


      I also had the "o" come up next to the bars.  Is the phone fixable, or should I try to exchange it?



      Thanks for your attention!