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    Has Verizon been hacked?


      The answer is yes and they do not want their customers to know. I found out when trying to update my wife's phone that some one had ordered an Ipad and had it shipped to another address other than the one listed on the account. Normally I receive an email whenever any changes, bill needs to be paid or I have ordered something and it is going to be shipped. Not this time!


      I had to call several times to customer service  since the first person who spoke very little english and who was very rude kept saying that I had ordered the ipad and that it had gone to the address on the account. Finally on my second call I was told to call the fraud department. I did and spoke with a person by the name of shawn who said that the charge would come off of my bill and that my wife could now upgrade at the full discount. Wrong!  We are still being told that she has to wait until 2013 because of the Ipad.


      After doing more research and talking to other verizon customers I have found that this has happened to others as well.  This is not the first time that I have had problems with the bill since back in August my granddaughters who are on my family plan (and whose phones can not do downloads) I have been charged over and over again for excessive downloads. Yes they keep telling me that they are giving me credit and yet the bill keeps going up and up.


      When is verizon going to be honest with their customers?


      Their customer security sucks and because of that they are putting our information at risk.

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          Wow so someone hacked into your verizon account and ordered and Ipad and had it billed to your account?  Do you have data and downloads blocked on your granddaughters phones?  We have data blocks but even if we accidentally hit the button it won't connect but you get charged the minimum of $1.99 for it trying to connect I was told and I think I did hit it once by mistake and was charged $1.99.  You can log into each phone number and check what servie blocks you have and the service blocks I find work so strange if you have them that downloads are going through.  I know for a fact the download block works because I had to unblock it so I could get back up assistant installed.  Mary