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    Parental Control ?


      I signed up for parental control of my daughters phone.

      Wanted to control how many messages she could use.


      Had to get off the 'unlimited' plan to do that. Dialed her back to 1500 messages per month.


      Then I set a limit through the My Verizon site.


      Now her usage is showing MORE than the limit I set for her.


      Anyone have any insight into if these limits work at all ? Looks like they just block outgoing, but not incoming...

      So now I'll get hit with overage charges I suppose... ?



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          Quick question, did you change from Unlimited Messaging down to the 1500 package in the middle of your billing cycle?

          Because if you changed it any time during your billing cycle it will prorate the 1500 alloment that she gets and if you set the restriction at 1500 it won't stop it til she uses 1500.

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            Something I've recently learned also is that if you are on an unlimited plan or a plan that includes unlimited M2M texts, those are NOT part of texting limits....so if she is texting to another Verizon #, there is no limit set.  Kind of pointless to set limits in this case it would seem....