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    lock code on phone


      For reasons that I won't go into here, we SOMETIMES need to secretly check texts on our teenager's phone to verify where she's been.  Recently, she re-set the lock code, so now we can't access them.  Is there a way to find out what she's reset it to?

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          There is not, besides playing the parent angle. If the lockcode has been changed, you can't get into it unless you can hook it up to a computer and I believe the retail store can tell you what it is. But who's to say she won't change it again. Sounds like you have more problems on your hands than a lock code. Good luck.:manhappy:

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            Well since you cannot find out what the lock code has been sent to you maybe be able to reset it (the only phones I haven't seen this work on is motorolas). Try to dial *228 then send and select option 1 for programming. It will reset the lock code to the last four of her phone number. Then if you want to reset the password so she can't lock it then. The password reset is under restrictions under the settings and tools.

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              I'm working to solve a problem on my phone and I've noticed that dialing *22899 causes some programming voodoo to happen and the lock code is reset to the last 4 digits of the phone number of the phone.  Hope this helps.


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                Oh, if dialing *22899 does reset the lock code to the phone number you will not learn the current lock code.  This will tip off your child something has happened when she tries to enter her secret lock code and it doesn't work.  It won't necessarily indicate you have done something, she may just call Vzw to have the code reset and not suspect why the lock code keeps resetting.

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                  Hi, I tried this on my son's Samsung Smooth phone that I took away from hin as a punishment and he refused to tell me the lock code however when I dialed *228 send it ask me for the code and would not let me go any futher. I had called verizon and they had told me to do this and whenI did and it didn't work they said that I would have to carrie the phone into a retailer store and have it Flashed. He would do this when we had Alltel service and I could just call TS and they would walk me through the steps to reset it, so I don't understand why there isn't another way with this phone but anyway......The closest store is 28 miles away from me, so if ANYONE knows another way to reset the lock code on a Samsung Smooth I would be forever greatful. Thanks.

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                    That sucks (even tough I am a teen XD) Maybe calling Verizon. Verizon may be able to reset it for you, since you are the account owner and you are her parent. Next time don't tell her her lock code and use a random number (not the last 4 digis of anyones phone number, your social security last four digits or anything she might know) Just write it down somewhere where you would remember it. You could try saying give me your lock code or you will get grounded, have your phone taken away, and the lock code found out either way. Just trying to be helpful.

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                      On most Verizon phones you can dial *228 and use option 1 to program the phone and reset the lock code to the last four of the number, but if you think you're going to do that without her noticing, you're insulting her intelligence. Alternately, you can take it to an in store tech and have them read it on their computer for you. There really isn't going to be a way you can secretly do this unless your teen is in the habit of leaving her phone lying around. From my experience, getting a phone away from a teen is like removing one of their organs. As a previous poster said, she will always be able to reset the lock code again unless you lock that ability, but the the jig is up. Best policy: be honest with her and tell what you're doing. How can you expect her not to sneak around when you're doing the same thing?