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    no network


      i have no network conection on my BRAND NEW Samsung Stratosphere it has been fine for the first 2 weeks but now it says no network and no i am not using wi-fi. being after customer support hours are closed. does anyone else having this problem or sugestion as to what i might be able to do to get my network back

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          i am having the same problem here. two droid razrs not having network connection.

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            Same situation in Seattle. I have had no network connection on my Motorola Droid Bionic since approximately 11:00 PM Pacific time. I've turned off WiFi (there are no viable sources nearby, in any case) and restarted the phone several times, with no luck. Verizon appears to have some serious network problems, tonight. I wonder if they've been hacked?
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              One Droid razr in DC with same issue.   Iphone works just fine off Verizon 3G....

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                I am also having the same problem on my Droid Bionic. I first noticed the problem approx 3 hours ago. I have since tried jumping in and out of Airplane mode, Power cycled the phone, and power cycled the phone with removal of the battery, nogo.


                I checked with one of my friends at work here, and his 3G-only smartphone is perfectly fine with full signal and data. I tried to switch my phone to CDMA (3G) only and retried all my above attempts to no avail. Seems that the SIM/GSM authentication is stuck on a "no authentication" mode and will not let us get onto the data network.


                My phone received an OTA update last week that was supposed to address the problem with the dropping data connection, but it seems to only have gotten worse. {edited to comply with Terms of Service}

                at this point and taking matters into my own hands if Verizon can't get to the bottom of these problems very soon.

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                  I also have a Bionic and tried all those things, it says network connection is disconnected. gone for 3 hours now. I'm livid. What happened to Verizon? I've been with them for years, but nothing but problems for the last few months.

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                    no network here in long island either. reset droid razor several times, nothing seems to work.

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                      Sorry to hear about your problems but I'm glad I am not the only one.  Network has been inactive for over an hour now, tried all the things to get it back (ie., airplane mode, restarting, etc.).  In downtown Manhattan and have a Razr.  This is very annoying/

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                        No data here in Milwaukee, WI either. I thought something was wrong with my Galaxy Nexus when it wasn't showing either 4G or 3G. I rebooted the phone, did a battery pull and still nothing. I'm glad I foudn this thread. I also found this on engadget.




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                          Nothing in Chicago... HTC tbolt.


                          Hey, Verizon... what the heck?  At least tell us what's going on.  I mean, SMS still works, right?

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