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    Verizon admits 4g signal prob on galaxy nexus


      Just saw an article on pcmag.com that said verizon knows about the nexus 4g signal problem and will try to fix it with a software update...ETA is unknown at this time.

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          Oh good!! I have Galaxy Nexus too and been having the same issue with it.  How do you like your phone?  I love mine execpt for the dropping of the services.

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            I like the phone....trying to get used to android 4.0....had 2.3 for the longest time. The only major problem with this phone is the battery life is horrible. Have to charge it 2 times a day.....and i only check a few emails and 25 texts a day.....mayb 15 min worth of phone calls daily. Charged it fully overnight, turned it on and battery was down 4% after 10-15 min of being on....by lunch time its down to 60% full. Need a longer lasting battery. Other than that the phone is awesome.

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              I found that turning off the GPS saves a lot of battery life.  One of the default Main screens has a one-touch on/off for it.  In addition I bought the extended battery which gives you another 250 MAhs.   The are on sale now for half price... about $25.00 before tax.

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                Have you been able to link your facebook contacts to your Nexus/ So far no luck on my end

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                  The Bionic has the same data issue. Good luck Nexus owners.

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                    Here's some info I hope people at Verizon read. This is just a small sample of reports. But the problem is definitely not just the reported signal strength. The problem is connectivity.


                    Verizon claims Galaxy Nexus LTE signal is fine, update still coming to change meter



                    What do you guys think? Is there still a problem with the Galaxy Nexus and LTE. I personally think there is some sort of issue that will still probably be addressed in the update and Verizon just isn’t saying so. Here is a quick video I made showing my Galaxy Nexus stuck on 3G sitting next to my XYBOARD 8.2″ tablet with 4G LTE. The XyBoard constantly has not only more bars, but a better and faster connection. You tell me?


                    Missed calls, text that wont send, 6 hour battery life… looks like i had better return the Nexus while i still can. Its a shame, i like the phone, i just wish i could make calls with it.


                    I have noticed drops on the data side in places where i have a friend sitting next to me with full 3g signal on an incredible 2. My wifes nexus has dropped calls at least 15 times since she got it and data has been the same as mine


                    Aaron Osler

                    My phone has serious call dropping/connection loss.  I had the tech at my local Verizon store compare it to his Nexus which also had weak signal strength (about -96db).  We also compared signal to other phones in the store and found the other phones to have around -84db which is much much better.  That spread is the difference between barely hanging on to 1 bar and a solid 3 bars on my Nexus.  I don’t think Verizon is being honest because my experience is that the signal is weaker on the Nexus, not just looking at the bars.  I am also getting sudden disconnects going from any number of bars to dead instantly.  Dropping calls is completely unacceptable.  I can understand problems with the cutting edge 4G signal, but the phone call function is the same thing they have done for years.  Oh, and don’t forget it’s A PHONE.  I have until Jan 15th to return the phone so if they don’t have my phone working 100% of the time like all of my previous phones I will be returning it and reactivating my Envy3.  My phone reports 10% time without signal.  Cell Standby reports 10% of battery usage.  I didn’t sign up for being tethered to a charger all day just to keep my phone from diving into cold brick mode while I sit at work less than 1/4 mile from the cell tower.


                    C Dedi

                    As a current owner of all 3 of Verizons top tier Android phones (Razr / Rezound / G-Nexus), I can easily state that there exists a radio performance gap between two of my devices compared to the 3rd. My Razr & Rezound pull solid bar(s) status regularly, my G-Nexus on the other hand is much more temperamental with its signal strength. Of all 3 devices, the Rezound displays the best signal the most often (haven’t been disappointed yet), with the Razr usually pulling a close second. As an overall performer, I have to give it to the Rezound, even if its not my favorite of the three. Now listing them by personal preference (general feel), it goes something like this: Razr – G-Nexus – Rezound. The Rezound would score higher, if it didn’t ’feel’ like so many other HTC phones I’ve owned in the past.


                    Is anyone actually looking at their signal strength reading in Settings/about phone/Signal ? I have compared my Nexus against my wife’s Samsung regular Galaxy , my original Droid, and even a 3 + year old laptop built in Verizon air card 3g signal and the Nexus has a noticeable worse signal reception(no 4G in my area yet). When the other devices are showing say -74-75dbm my Nexus is only receiving -93-100dbm. That is NOT a software fix issue. I am on my second Nexus after Verizon Tier2 techsupport did a signal survey in my area and confirmed a good 3G signal and had me exchange my phone. Same ****** reception numbers and I frequently get a Network Problem Check your internet connection message while using apps. I don’t see a software fix helping and will likely be exchanging my phone for a Rezound or returning alltogether and waiting it out.



                    I’m a Samsung galaxy nexus user. I have had a problem with the signal of this phone. It has been a problem since I started using the phone. I’m in a 3G area. You would think since it’s a 3G and 4g phone. It should still work. I went to Verizon’s store once already, all they did was chAnge the sim card. That didn’t change the signal none. It worked when we were there. I think it’s funny how my husbands 4g droid bionic works while the Samsung galaxy nexus doesn’t. They are both 4g phones and the verizon helper said we didnt have 4g area where i lived. Like I said its funny how his 4g is able to work still. I really like the Samsung galaxy nexus phone but I need service. It didn’t even work at the Walmart I go to either. The only time it actually gave me signal was when I was in the verizon store. Why wouldn’t it work there it’s their phone. All their phones will work there, but once you leave they won’t work anymore.



                    There’s more going on than just a dfferent representation of signal strength.  I’ve run dozens of tests with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus side-by-side with a Verizon HTC Rezound and the Rezound blows the Nexus away every time. I expected the Rezound to perform better on tests like what Vellamo puts it through since the specs on the Rezound are a bit better, but I really wasn’t expecting much difference on the speedtest.net results. The Nexus consistently achieves half the bandwidth of the Rezound.


                    The more I use the Nexus, the more I like it, but this connection/performance issue doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not sure why Verizon would hide it if they thought that the update was going to improve actual performance and not just the bars, but I’m waiting and hoping.  I have until Jan 15 to return it and pick up the Rezound instead.  If they can address the connection issue before then, I’ll gladly stick with it.


                    And for what it’s worth, I would prefer that the bars be more accurate rather than giving me an inflated perception of my signal strength.  As long as I know how to interpret the number of bars I have and the connectivity and performance is on par with other comparable devices, I really don’t care if their device shows 4 bars when mine only shows 1.




                    Is it just me? (LTE GNex, terrible data.)


                    My Galaxy Nexus has the most unreliable, horrible, inconsistent data connection I have ever used on a phone.

                    I go from 4-->3--> No Gs all day long. I'm in Houston, which has a fantastic LTE network (when I'm using a different phone....)

                    I'm currently on CM9 with 4.0.3 leaked radios, the performance has been bad through stock as well though. Maybe I'll go back to stock and try it again or something.

                    Should I use the 4.0.2 radios again?

                    Has anyone else felt the same way?





                    Dreaded signal issues and my in depth 3g testing. Is it hardware?


                    Thanks for posting this. I definitely think there is more going on here with the Verizon GNex's signal than just the way it is reported. It's not just 3G either. I had 2 Rezounds before I got my Galaxy Nexus, and actually have had two Galaxy Nexii. I am certain I got much faster 4G speeds, 3G speeds, and a stronger signal on the Rezounds than either Galaxy Nexus.


                    I absolutely loved this phone also. but was VERY dissapointed after getting it home, it had a very weak signal and was dropping cals, something that ive never experienced with verizon. me and my wife have the razrs so i was able to do a side by side signal comparison here in dallas. my rersults were more dramatic than yours (OP), both razr's had about -85db and the GN was -104 in 4g. needless to say it was returned.


                    This thread is located at:




                    The VZW Galaxy Nexus has signal issues.  The constant bouncing from 4G to 3G to nothing and back is so annoying I have to just leave 4G off.  I'm hoping it is an issue that can be addressed with a radio update at some point.



                    New Leaked Radios CDMA, LTE



                    ...had more dropped calls with this phone than any other I have ever had on vzw.



                    A Google Search:


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                      nexus12atl wrote:


                      Have you been able to link your facebook contacts to your Nexus/ So far no luck on my end

                      4.0.3 you will be able to.  Since 2.3.3 the API's were removed from source, and so unless you had a skinned(Motoblur, Sense, and the like), or a modified rom you will not be able to.  Google changed to rules how it is done.

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                        I have signal just fine. I have small hiccups here and there, but not those 2-3 day outages or constant up and down type of connections.  There's a long written article by someone who knows what he is talking  about is NOT affiliated with Verizon in any way, and gave an in depth about what is going on, but everyone keeps thinking it's their devices, and refuses to believe what he said or just don't bother reading it.

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                          Read this article, this is the only way I know how it's done:


                          <Link deleted per TOS>


                          I haven't tried it myself yet. Personally very disappointed with this phone, Verizon is sending me my third Nexus since December. I've returned the first two because of voice call issues. The other party not being able to hear me during the conversation. They keep telling me there  is an update coming out that will fix this issue. I've heard this since February. I wouldn't advise anyone to go holding their breath on this happening anytime soon. Time to switch to another provided when this contract runs out!


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