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    Fix for Pandora app with Droid/Android


      Hey Everybody-


      I've been having problems with my Pandora app on my Droid Razr, and the same with my Droid 3 before that. It would play maybe a song or two, and then Pandora would shut down.


      I tried everything:


      Uninstall/reinstall....battery pull....clear cache....it would happen through 3G, 4g and WIFI. Even a factory re-set (ouch...not recommended unless you enjoy extreme pain)


      I contacted Pandora, Verizon and Motorola.....zilch, nobody had an answer.


      I had an epiphany this morning. Are you ready? Are you sitting down?


      Here's what worked for me:


      If you have Pandora on the auto-end list.....remove it. It's that simple.


       It's been working like a charm for me now.


      Hope this helps!