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    Verizon Roadside Assistance


      I have to say that I have had the roadside assistance package for more than two years, and think it's great!  The original package cost me $5/month for all my cell phones, me plus my three sons, and any of us could call for help at any time we needed to do so.  Whenever I called, I received excellent service, and was towed within a very reasonable period of time.  I was surprised to see negative feedback, actually.  The customer service, and "hotline" personnel have always been exceptional when I have dealt with them.


      My only issue,now, is that my son had paid out of pocket for a tow, because the police had called a tow company, and my son paid it.  I wrote the roadside assistance adn sent a copy of our check and the receipt from the tow truck used, and they sent me a reimbursement check.  Unfortunately I didn't see the check (didn't recognize the return address) and set it aside with "junk" mail for a long time.  I have had to cotnact them to get a re-issued check.  I am having a problem reaching the office that I spoke to last time.  I had a name from looking at the check, and was able to find the office that handles the checks much more easily and quickly.  I have had to speak to roadside assistance a number of times without success, only because they don't know who to contact about reimbursement checks.  They have been very polite and have taken my number to have someone get back to me asap.


      really, I would highly recommend this plan to anyone, even though now the amount has changed $3 per line, per month, which is more expensive.  I haven't "shopped" it to see if tripleA would charge less.  I think it would be much more expensive to go with them.


      Anyway, i am one satisfied customer of the verizon roadside assistance.

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          Hello adnilorotrot,


          I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the service that is provided by our roadside assistance program! It's always a pleasure to hear from a happy community member with the service that is provided. I, too, am a proud user of the roadside assistance program and have been very happy with the service! Although I hope that you don't have to use them in the future, it's not to know that we got your back! Keep ruling the air!!!



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            Where did you send you request for reumbursment?  I had a similar issue today.  My son arranged for towing his car and the Roadside Assistance personel asked if he wanted to pay the driver directly or pay over the phone.  He just said he would pay the driver (thinking that would be easier). The Roadside Assistance operator neglected to tell him that we would be charged double doing it that way.  Instead of $64 out of pocket I had to write a check for $119.


            I haven't been able to get anyone to help me over the phone.  I am very dissatisfied.