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    grandfathered in unlimited data plan


      I have an unlimited data plan my question is if I ungrade to a new phone will I still have the unlmited data plan. i haven't added anything just replaced the phone.

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          If you purchase the phone off-contract by paying full price, you will keep your unlimited data. Once you purchase a subsidized phone, you will be required to get a new (data-capped) contract.


          ...For now. Of course, this could all change in the future.

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            I am now totally confused. Everything I have read on a seach said that no problem if I had a smartphone before, which i do, then the new smartphone would be on the unlimited data plan. I will of course verify this at a verizon store before i upgrade and lose my unlimited data plan. IMHO I will keep this phone to you know what freezes over before i give up my unlimited data plan. I know one day verizon will take it but until then i will stay the course.

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              If you currently have a smartphone w/unlimited data and are migrating to a new smartphone, you will be able to keep your unlimited data.


              If you are ordering from a 3rd party retailer, i.e. NOT VERIZON, the 3rd party retailer may not have all of the options which you are eligible to receive. In this case, you should be able to call Verizon and have the unlimited data put back on your account.


              If you order from Verizon, though, you will be able to keep the unlimited data, though.


              Edit: It doesn't matter if you are purchasing full retail or at the subsidized price w/contract.

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                Thanks, that's what I had read here but as suggested I will verify with verizon at the time I upgrade

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                  I'm glad you are looking at getting a new smart phone! We have a lot of exciting devices out right now! I would like to clarify that you WILL keep your unlimited data plan when you upgrade from a smart phone to a smartphone. Whether you decide to take advantage of our promotional pricing or purchase a the full retail price, you will keep the current data package! That's great news, right?


                  I hope that cleared up any confusion on this thread.


                  Thank you!

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                    This "almost" cleared up all my questions on this thread...I also have a "grandfathered" unlimited data plan...I am also eligible to upgrade my smartphone...if I do so through a "third-party" retailer - i.e., Newegg.com or Amazon Wireless - will I still keep my unlimited data plan?  These retailers are currently offering the phone I want (HTC Rezound) at a significantly lower "subsidized" (i.e., I have to be a new customer or eligible for an upgrade, which I am) price than it would cost through Verizon (which, by the way, frankly seems odd to me)...if I use my upgrade to get a new smartphone through one of these retailers, will I keep my unlimited data plan?

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                      You will be able to keep your "unlimited data", BUT it will be restricted in terms.  If you use too much data, data stream will be throttled slowing you down.  I have ran in to this issue just today.  It is their way of pushing people towards the tierd data plans or to the 4G plans so be careful.  Unlimited is no longer unlimited anymore.

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                        OK...but is that any different than what my situation will be if I get the phone directly from Verizon?  My bottom line question is: Can I actually buy a phone from somehwere else (Newgg or Amazon) for $100 less and still have the exact smae plan and service with Verizon?

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                          I just upgraded to a Bionic today and was able to choose to keep my unlimited plan. 

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