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    Problems syncing iPhone 4s 64GB with iTunes


      I'm hoping some of my fellow iPhoners can assist me...


      I'm having an extremely difficult time getting my new iPhone 4s to sync with iTunes.  First some background...  My iPhone is up to date with iOS 5.0.1 and iTunes is the most current version 10.5.  I'm using a Windows laptop running Windows 7.  


      Using the supplied Apple USB cord, whenever I attach my iPhone to my laptop, it gives me the error message that it cannot recognize my iPhone and directs me to "Restore" it.  I've done the restore so many times it's rediculous.  This is my 3rd iPhone since the 4s came out.  At first all the signs pointed to it being an iPhone issue as this happened using 3 different computers so Apple and Verizon were kind enough to replace my iPhone 2x now.  So this being the 3rd iPhone I'm wondering if it isn't something else.  Can anyone please provide some insight?