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    Lost All of My Photos


      I have had my Droid for almost 2 years and love my phone. However yesterday I have lost all 500+ pictures including my videos!  Any suggestions on where else I can look in my phone for this information? Has anyone else had this problem? They are not even on my SD card?! Please help

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          Aoden, I am very sorry to hear about all of your pictures being lost. I rely on my phone for holding many of my pictures also. First, did you get any error messages before the pics disappear? Were these all pictures taken on this phone? Make sure your phone is set to save pictures to the SD card & not internal memory. Open your camera, press the Menu icon then check the Save settings. If it is set to save to internal memory, then the previous pictures you took are on the phone's memory & not the SD card. If they were on the SD card, try using a card reader or connecting your phone to your computer to see if you are able to view your pictures that way. 


          If the pictures are not showing on your phone or SD card thru a computer, sadly there is not a way to recover them.