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    Can't receive hotmail messages on new razr

      I just got the new razr and I'm having trouble with my hotmail.com. It hasn't received any emails since 5:00am. Everytime I try to check the email it ask my for my email password and then says it is unable to connect to imap.vzw.net. How do I fix this?
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          Congratulations on the new phone! The Razr is such an awesome device.  When you say it hasn’t received emails since 5:00am does that include not receiving Gmails or other email providers (i.e. yahoo or aol) or just with Hotmail? Are you able to send out from Hotmail? Are you able to send out from Gmail? Since you are being prompted for your password that is something that you are going to have to retrieve since VZW has no idea what your password is. You will also have to get your Hotmail server settings, since it is trying to connect to imap.vzw.net and that is not a correct address for Hotmail to be connecting to. 


          Your incoming servers settings should look like this:

          port 995


          Your out going server settings should look like this:

          port 587


          I hope this helps.



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            i am having the same problem with my yahoo account. I can send and receive with my gmail account and can use the yahoo download. i prefer not to use the download. i cannot delete the yahoo account from the razr either. do you know how to fix this?
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              Gmail is doing it as well it only seems to be an issue with the built in email from my experience IM not sure about the hotmail but I know on the gmail you can't change your settings manually 

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                I am having the identical problem. My Gmail site works properly but the @ email times out.  If yur referring to the pop setting on outlook i'm now using imap so my computeres sync on all of my Outlook PC's.

                We need a good answer to this issue as it appears to effected a lot of users.

                The phone is great but this is very disappointing

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                  I'm having this issue only when connected to my home and work WiFi.  It works fine if when I use 4g/3g.  Any suggestions?

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                    Hello happy community members,


                    My co-worker has provided an excellent step to try for hotmail/msn/live.com e-mail accounts and well as others. As for the Yahoo! e-mail users, this unofficial issue has been ongoing with all Android devices. There is an e-mail app made specifically for Yahoo! e-mail that resolves this issue. It can be downloaded from the market for free. I highly encourage that you give this app a try to verify that it meets your e-mail needs. This is one of the VERY few cases in which Verizon employees recommend an app from the market to the public.


                    Another troubleshooting step is to check the battery mode in the Settings Menu. Simply go to:


                    Settings > Battery & Data Manager > Battery Mode > Performance Mode.


                    If the device is set to Nighttime Saver or Maximum battery saver then this is probably the reason as to why the emails stopped at 5:00 AM. Also, in Battery & Data Manager, verify that the Data Saver is currently off. While in the Data Delivery menu, be sure to verify that background data, data roaming, and data enabled is checked for maximum data performance on the device. Once you have tried the steps above then please reply to this message with your findings.


                    Thank you...



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                      How do you get to where you can put in or change these settings?

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                        I just received my new Razr Maxx yesterday.  I connected my gmail and live.com (hotmail) to it and it worked beautifully.  I woke up this morning and went to check it and it said on both that It couldn't refresh.  So I had to check settings.  I had to reenter my password and it says "Invalid Credentials".  It does this for live.com as well as gmail.com emails.  What the Heck!!!  Worked fine yesterday.  And I have had the same password for quite a long time.

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                          I am having the exact issue with my maxx! Why is hotmail account all of a sudden saying my credentials are wrong??? I can't even delete the account due to invalid credentials. Hotmail works fine via browser. Will a factory data reset resolve?

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