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    Touch screen phone without data plan


      My daughter would like a touch screen phone, but I don't want the expense of a data plan - is there any basic phone out there that has touch screen, but isn't a data phone?  Thanks!

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          The Samsung u370 which is available at non-Verizon corporate stores (e.g., Target); it is also sold at Walmart under the name that's something like "re-release Reality)"



          "I have just gotten my samsung reality for .95 cents at Walmart 7 days ago (8-11-11).  what I found out buy calling verizon and some on line reserch was that verizon does not sell the Reality or the sch u370 but only outside venders. [...]  After purchasing it and removing it from the box, which says Reality all over it, the phone part # is SCH U370 on the ID plate on the phone."



          Very few complaints on this forum about it. There are about only three that I have:


          - wallpaper has to be stored in the phone's internal memory. When wallpaper is stored on the memory card, the phone will usually revert back to the stock wallpaper

          - music playback is fine as long as you listen to music through either the phone's speaker or through bluetooth headphones/headset. When you listen to music through plugged-in headphones/headset, there is a high likelihood that the phone will freeze or stop reading the memory card; rebooting the phone resolves either the freezing or the memory card reading problem.

          - when you use the file viewer feature, there is a non-removeable banner that says that the file viewer software was intended for a model u820 and that this phone is not a model u820

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            Other Touch Screens are:


            enV Touch

            Chocolate Touch

            Cosmos Touch

            Pantech Hotshot


            Check VZW.com "basic phones".