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    how/where to report service outage?


      I have searched this site and can not find a place to report service outage. My service has been out for over a day, where can i report it?

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          Contact Verizon from another phone, or using the e-mail form found through the "Contact Us" link at the top right of this page.

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            Yet again, another service outage in Taos, NM for about 14hrs now. I found the only way to get outages across is by blogging.

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              Thanks for posting.  I'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy.  No way to learn what's happening.

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                Verizon needs to have a coordinated, on-line service-outage reporting and status page, clearly accessible from the main page.  This would benefit them as well as us, their customers.


                Having call-in reporting/status checking is inefficient, and in the case today, useless.  Both our cell and FiOS lines are down today.  And do they really want everyone calling on the phone when there are issues with phone service?  Why not just have a page where you can click on your area and service to just keep a count of where and when problem occur?


                Instead, we are left with a situation where customers are talking to each other about Verizon's network.  Is that what they really want?

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi DaveInReston, I truly understand why you and the community are frustrated with service issues. This is something we do not want any of our customers to experience and do our best to ensure we keep you updated. As Spottedcatfish has stated, the best way to alert us of a problem is to call us from a different phone. You can also tweet or provide us with information via facebook. We constantly lift up service problems to our technicians and engineers so they can immediately start to access the problem and provide us with a resolution. Once we have a resolution we try and provide that to our customers. I really appreciate the feedback and will definitely pass this to upper management. I would also like to address your issues specifically. Where are you located and what phones do you have? Are you still having issues or are your issues now resolved. Please allow us to assist you with your issues so that we can renew your faith in customer service and network. We look forward to hearing from you and have an awesome day. ^KH

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                    I appreciate your response.  To address your points about ways to report outages, we are in Reston and had no cell phone or FiOS phone service that day, and I don't know where any other phones are near us that I could use.  I don't know how to use twitter or Facebook to report problems, but now that you mention those as possibilities I could figure that out.


                    My main point wasn't really that specific incident, however.  That incident showed me that Verizon could provide a better system for handling general outages.  What people want in cases like this is information; most of us understand that sometimes there will be large outages. It helps us to know that you know about the outage, and it also would help to have an idea what is being done about it.


                    Having that information online, with each subscriber able to add their outage information, would go a long way towards addressing this.  You would then have a logical place to report on your efforts to repair outages.  All of this could require less time for your support staff since this reporting system could be mostly automated.  It would also help, then, when one person has a problem to see if others also have a problem (OK, just add my ino to the website and wait) or if they're the only one (OK, contact support.)

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                      Oxford, MI service out 8:30 pm on Aug 1

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                        All Verizon seems to allow is reports by phone and their online coverage maps are not accurate.  I agree they need a special form for reporting service issues as relying solely on network management reports is a fraction of the picture.  Calling is not practical, especially if you are away from home and do not have access to a land line, anyone else have to use a pay phone to call Verizon when they only have wifi access because of poor service. Online support chat not just sales is much more appropriate.