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    Hotspot doesn't work properly


      Hotspot doesn't work properly, most https sites will not load. I've been in constant contact with both Verizon and Motorola trying to get this resolved. No word from either yet as to a software update. Go to the Motorola Owners Forums: https://supportforums.motorola.com/ to log your issues also. This is by far a random incident and I am not alone in having this problem. 

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          I can't connect to anything .  Windows 7 laptop, ipad2 , Windows XP pro laptop,  **** I can't connect the hotspot to the other 2 razr's my company owns.  I'm on the replacement phone now and it wont connect out of the box.  Motorola and Verizon better get this fix soon.  I'm a new customer and I feel ripped off. 

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            Known issue update feb. my mom bought it and hasn't worked since buying it. Tells me connected but no access from phone. Great phone horrible hotspot. I guess known issue bionic stratasphere and razr.
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              Motorola says not known with no result vzw says updates coming. If I wanted to return have to pay fee because known issue but it wasn't known when I first complained
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                Folks.  You are going about this all wrong.  This is a MASSIVE issue and neither Verizon Wireless or Motorola are communicating with us.  They are sending us to multiple support teams and levels.  Verizon Wireless is blaming Motorola and Motorola is blaming Verizon Wireless and through it all, they are continuing to charge us for a BROKEN feature and they know it is broken !  On top of that, they are making you feel like it just too bad that the phone doesn't work and you are stuck with it or some re-furbished piece of **** after you just paid anywhere from $ 250.00 to $ 300.00 for a phone THEY KNEW IT WAS NOT WORKING !!


                So.  Here is my suggestion.  PROTEST.  But protest the right way.  Lowell C. McAdam is President and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon and Sanjay K. Jha is Chairman and CEO of Motorola.  I'm not sure that these two gentlemen are aware of the problems and the lack of any real communication about these problems.  I also believe that they would not want your business going elsewhere or at the very least, dropping Hotspot Services as that is a nice monthly revenue stream for them and all of the other business that have partnered with them because you use that monthly Hotspot Service.


                E-Mail them.  E-Mail them everyday until this issue is fixed.  Let Angie's list and every other rating site that you know of, know that this problem exists and its not getting fixed and you are not being treated like a real customer. 


                You really want this fixed.  I do !





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                  I may have misunderstood this problem!  I use my RAZR as a Hot Spot with no problems.  The only problem I had is if the WiFi feature is active there is no Hot Spot function on the phone