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    Will my data plan be prorated


      Will my data plan be pro rated for the 1st month or do you have to pay for the full thirty days. Just upgraded to a data plan from my old phone. Only 9 days left for this months bill.

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          When you change your plan mid billing cycle, you have the option of making the change effective immediately, forward-dating it to the start of the next cycle, or back-dating it to the start of the current cycle.  If you didn't specifically ask for it to be back-dated, it probably took effect immediately, and your payment and allowance will be pro-rated.

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            Also if it's prorated be aware that you only have 9/30ths of the amount of data. just a heads up, I know people like to burn through a bunch of data when they first get it. If you need more you can call and back date to the beginning of your billing cycle you will then get the full allotment, but also full price.

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              @lewisr13 Thanks for this information. We recently updated my wife to an iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4 with unlimited data to 2 GB a week after our billing started. That next morning she received multiple texts saying she was up to 50% then 75% of her data within 2 minutes. I looked at the data on line and it read that 1.4 GB were used during a short period. She only used 127 MB prior to changing her data plan. I will be calling Verizon tomorrow to backdate my wife's plan so she can receive the full usage of data for the month.