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    Pantech Breakout - Issues


      I just recently purchased the Pantech Breakout for my Verizon cell service and have come across a few irritating issues.


      First, from time to time, the phone will randomly reboot itself. I've searched the web for a cause and did find that someone thinks the issue was related to a poor connection with the 4G SIM card, so I reseated it... no issues with that so far, but I did just do it about an hour ago. Generally it reboots when I'm trying to access something that requires network connectivity.


      Second, when I try to shut my phone down, it will go through all the screens and then just sit at the 4G LTE screen, never allowing the screen to go dark. Is this by design?


      Third, from time to time, when my phone screen goes dark I am unable to get it to wake back up. This is a very frustrating issue I have with the phone and I haven't been able to find anyone else who is having this issue. Reseating the batter and powering on the phone is the only way I can get it to come back.


      If anyone has any insight into these issue, I'd be happy to hear.

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          Not sure about your reboots, those tend to happen on certain prone devices and can be caused by a large amount of things.


          The black screen you are receiving when it will not wake back up is known as the black screen of death. look up some stuff on it, it is a very common issue on many Android devices unfortunately.


          Sorry I couldn't be of more help but I figured I would at least try :smileyhappy:

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            Hi jlove81,


            I feel your pain; I'd be frustrated if my phone rebooted at random and froze in a dark screen. I have checked my resources and I learned that a software update is being developed to address all issues outlined in your post. While we do not have an ETA for such software update, please be assured that we'll push the update as soon as it is made available by manufacturer.


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              Add another to the list... I am having the same exact problems. Seems if the phone comes up 3G it works well, but when it is struggling to get 4G, the lock ups start. If I can make a call, I find I have to remove the battery shortly thereafter because the phone will lock up on one screen or another. If I made a call sometime before trying to shut it off, it will lock up on power down (stuck on the 4G screen). Should I wait for the software update (how long will that be) or should I get another phone... meaning not another Pantech Breakout. I'd rather have a phone I can make calls with on 3G than one that struggles with 4G like this one is.

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                I also have the same issue with my breakout and also have returned the first one to the store for the same phone with the SD card constantly not being found or it unmounting all the time.Is anyone also havint that problem????

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                  My husband and I are having the same type of issues after a Verizon update on 01/13/2012.  He received the automatic update (couldn't stop it) Friday morning & found out immediately he couldn't dial out, couldn't access apps & the phone kept rebooting itself.  I thought "glad my phone didn't have an update".  He checked my phone & found mine was about to have an update in 2 minutes.  After that, both of ours have had multiple issues like missing apps, couldn't dial out, phone rebooting, weird wake locks draining our batteries.  I called Pantech & they told me how to do a hard reboot.  We've both done that & it did work temporarily.  The next day, after we downloaded some of the apps & got somewhat back to normal, our phones started turning off by themselves, apps were missing, couldn't dial in, couldn't receive calls, getting blank screens & wake locks that were draining out batteries agian so badly we couldn't rely on our phones anymore. 


                  I hard rebooted my phone again which temporarily fixed it.  This morning I woke up to my phone rebooting itself & when I tried to turn it off, the screen went blank.  I had to remove the battery to be able to get it to turn back on.


                  Anyone else having these types of issues since Friday 01/13/12's Verizon update?  We went to the Verizon store today & they weren't much help.  Long story but we're now in the process of replacing our phones.


                  I just want to know why this happened.....?

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                    I had the exact same thing happen and also did the factory reset which only worked temporarily as well.  I took it in to the store and they are sending me a new phone..seems like they are in for a big recall of these phones if this has happened to all of these phones.

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                      my phone quit working it wont call or text nor will it receive either of the two. any ideas on wat i should do????

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                        If it happened after you did a software update recently they apparently have to send you a new phone as there is no fix available

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                          I am having so many issues with my Pantech Breakout....me and my fiance have the same exact phone. Purchased the SAME exact day. He hasn't had any problems with his phone. My phone will say "Extended Network"...his will say "Verizon". I will have 3g...he will have 4g. And we're sitting right next to each other. My Pantech will lag, reboot, freeze, and as of last night have wifi problems. Last night, while my fiance's phone was happily connected to our homes wifi...mine kept connecting than disconnecting. Than said our wifi was out of range. I googled my butt off looking for any forums that may have some assistance....and tried everything posted. Nothing worked. So I turned off my wifi, went to lattitude, tried to check in, turned on my gps (as my fiance and I thought maybe the phone was stuck in Savannah, Ga, where we were earlier), still nothing. So I took a slight chance and turned off my data, connected to my wifi...instantly connected...***

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