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    LG Cosmos 2 - Backup Assistant


      I have seen a few posts about issues regarding the LG Cosmos 2 and the backup assistant.  However, I have not yet found a solution to my problem that doesn't involve a reset. 


      Every day, at least once, I have to shut down the backup assistant after I unlock my phone.  I get this message -

      "The mobile # for this phone has changed.  Press OK to update your backup assistant account.  If you are a new user, press #"


      I am a new user to this program, I had my last phone for a long time.  So I press #...


      Then I get this message-

      "You must delete Backup Assistant from this phone and download a fresh copy from the get it now mobile shop.  Press help for more info.  Press exit to close."


      So I press help...


      Then I get this message-

      "To delete Backup Assistant, go to the get it now mobile shop, select the application, options, and cancel subscription.  Then go to the get it now mobile shop.  Get going to download a fresh copy"


      So I go to the shop, highlight the app and there is no cancel subscription option.  I have read multiple posts on how to delete apps, all of which mention a cancel subscription or delete option.  Neither exist.  Keep in mind when offering help, I can't open the backup assistant at all to do any other trouble shooting.  I have had this phone a few months, trying to figure this out.  A factory reset is not an option, or at least it shouldn't be considered a viable option. 


      Any ideas?!!!

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          I'm having this same problem. It's really sad that Verizon does not seem interested in helping us address this issue. One of the reasons I switched to Verizon was because I thought they would have better customer service than most phone providers. I'm afraid I was wrong and am just about ready to switch back to something cheaper.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi, verizonuser3000-

            I'm sorry for the concerns you have experiencing on the Cosmos 2! To remove the application, you want to navigate to Browse and Download, then just highlight Backup Assistant (without pressing OK to open), then you'll see Options appear in the lower right corner. Select Options, then 'Cancel Subscription' to confirm and remove. After removal, you can then redownload it and start as a new user with your new mobile telephone number. I hope that helps!

            Thank you,
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