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    Outgoing Email problems


      I got the new 4S phone, set up email, and am able to receive email fine.  I can send email to others on the same domain name, but when I send it outside the domain, I get an error message "Cannot Send Mail - A copy has been placed in your Outbox.  The receipient "xxx@xxx.com" was rejected by the server."  I'm not on any wifi system, only through verizon.  Any ideas?

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          The problem may be with relaying.  If your "from" address in an email is from a different domain than the domain that receives your email (e.g. using xxx.mac.com to send emails and you have one that is "from" john@yahoo.com) then the server may reject your email; they do that to block spam that uses a server's address.


          If you check the settings for the outgoing Mail Server, primary server, be sure to enter the user name and password.  These may be labeled as "optional", but enter them still.