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    help activating 4g Sim card?

      I got my new Droid Razr earlier today and followed the instructions to activate the 4G SIM card.  I am a new customer here at Verizon and I ordered my phone online from the Verizon store. when I called the number to activate my Sim card it never once asked me to agree to any contract or terms or anything it just goes right to customer support. My friend who used to work for Verizon thinks that because of the lack of an agreement being made that the system is hung and wont activate the Sim card. I have tried to make a my Verizon account but to log in you have to have the temporary password sent to ur phone....which mine wont work right now. So can anyone help? If not then I know ill be calling customer support today when I get off work at 7 am.
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          Forgot to mention that my old number is a T-Mobile number and is being ported to my new phone......in case that helps at all.
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            My sympathies.    I also have a Droid Razr that was working fine for about 1 week.   Yesterday my SIM card was not being accepted by the network, so I was getting no data access.   I went to the VZ store and they put in a new SIM card- which required activation.   Then I discovered there was a 4G network outage and that activations were delayed indefinately.   So, now I have a $300 paper weight and no phone service at all.  


            I hate to say it, but I think we will both have to wait out the outage and hope activations eventually go thru.   Hindsight being 20/20- the VZ store should not have replaced the SIM card.  At least then I might have had phone coverage- just no data.   Needless to say- not too happy but I understand the business.  


            I think you will like the Razr, once it is working.   Keep an eye on the power hungry apps (active screens, frequent background data updates) and use the smart actions for battery optimization.  



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              Hi skooterking5,


              I am sorry to learn that you encountered some difficulty activating your new Droid Razr device. While a 4G device usually gets activated by simply inserting the SIM card on the phone and calling 1-877-807-4646 to accept terms and conditions, sometimes we must access your account in our system to ensure the account is properly provisioned. I trust that your phone is activated by now.


              Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media Team monitors the activity on these forums, we offer more efficient ways to get troubleshooting assistance for critical issues such as activating new equipment.


              You can contact us on Twitter @VZWSupport Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm and Saturday 7am - 4pm CST.


              You can also call us from an alternate phone at 1-800-922-0204 for immediate assistance from 6am to 11pm CST any day of the week including Sunday. Please have your wireless phone fully charged and available for troubleshooting when you call us.