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    Using Mifi to do wireless printing


      Hey everyone,


      I just moved to a rual area that has no internet, so I just got set up on a mifi hotspot for the first time. I've been able to connect my laptop to my wireless printer and I'm able to print, which is great! But my question is when I'm using the mifi to do my printing is that using data? It seems like that would be local, but I just wanted to check because I do lots of printing and I don't want to go over my data cap.



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          John Getzke

          Hello and great question!


          Printing from your local machine is not recorded and will not impact your bill.  If the file sitting on your computer when you are not connected to the internet then you are good to go.  The same goes for sharing files and pictures between local computers.


          However, printing documents from an online resource will count against you.  Anything that needs to be downloaded from the internet (temporary or permanent) will be charged and reflected on your bill.  The MiFi only cares about uploads and downloads to the Verizon network, anything else is free.

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            Great thanks so much! 95% of my printing will be done from my laptop hard drive. I totally understand that it will count towards my data if I download files to be printed from the Internet. I just wanted to be sure I wouldnt be wasting data when a simple printer cable would prevent it.

            Thanks again!