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    Can I install "Skype Mobile" over "Skype Mobile on Verizon" on Droid?


      I am still using Motorolla Droid 2 Global cell phone from Verizon that came with "Skype Mobile on Verizon" software.

      I plan to give my cell phone as a gift to my niece who lives in Europe (Slovakia). Currently "Skype Mobile on Verizon" software supports only CDMA/3G. Before I give my cell phone to my niece I want to reinstall (replace) "Skype Mobile on Verizon" with "Skype Mobile". In this case my niece will be able to use "Skype Mobile" when placing calls over wireless network. With "Skype Mobile on Verizon" you can make calls ONLY over CDMA/3G (you can't make calls over wireles network) and CDMA/3G is not available in Slovakia (GSM is supported there so using wireless network seems as an option).

      I wanted to remove "Skype Mobile on Verizon" on my Droid 2 phone before I install "Skype Mobile". I noticed that I can't remove/uninstall "Skype Mobile on Verizon" software. Can I simply install "Skype Mobile" over "Skype Mobile on Verizon"? Or can it cause any problems?




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          That is a great question about the Skype apps.  The short answers are: no you can’t uninstall the VZW stock app. However, you can use the Skype mobile app on wifi or abroad. There is no option to install an app over another app. The Android platform is not an OS that supports that kind of application feature. If you install the Skype mobile app it will not cause any problems have two different versions of Skype on the phone. I hope this helps. Thanks.