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    Discounts for Teachers?


      A friend of my wife said that she is getting an 18% discount because she is a school teacher.  My wife is as well.  I can't find anything on the website about this supposed discount.  Has anyone else heard about this?  Thanks

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          She most likely will be able to get a discount. Just take her pay stub and her to Verizon to get the discount.

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            I am in NY and a lot of districts around here offer the 18% if you go with verizon so since my husband is a teacher we get it but it's only certain plans.  We have a 700 minute family plan so that qualified for us.  You need to check with the school district where you work and if they participate then you just take your most recent pay stub into verizon and they will set it up.  Then when you log into your account you should see the discount listed on the top right.  Mary

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              Hi Daddyof5,


              I understand you concern and I want you to to take advantage of any available discounts. There are a few steps to take in effort  to check for a qualifying discounts and have the discount applied to the account. Thanks community members for your suggestions. 


              Firstly,  visit our Employee Discount Program page and submit the required information. If your wife has an email address from her employer the process will be expedited.


              Secondly, if your entered an email address, your wife will receive an email stating the details of any applicable discounts.


              Thirdly, once advised of the available discounts offered to your wife, you may have to complete an Assumption of Liability (AOL) . The AOL would only need to happen if the wireless account is in your name vs. your wife's.  In order to receive any available discount the wireless account would need to be in your wife's name since she is the actual employee. Rest assured, the AOL process is very simple. 


              Lastly, within the discount confirmation email there will be a section on the bottom right side that will state "Register Your Line"(RYL). Once the account is in your wife's name if it's not already, simply click RYL to have the discount applied to the wireless account.


              At that point, you should begin to see the reflected saving within 1-3 bill cycles. I am hopeful this information is helpful.  If you need any additional assistance please don't hesitate to let me know via the forum or you can PM me directly.



              Thanks for your involvement in our community forums,