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    SD card corrupt


      Hi all...I had a Fascinate with the standard 16G SD card.  I moved the data off the card to a computer, and replaced the 16G with a 32G card.


      I moved all the data back to the card, and everything seemed fine.  I had a bunch of vacation pics stored under the DCIM directory, along with a number of pictures taken with the phone.


      Right away, pictures started to disappear.  I reloaded them via USB, and assumed it was just one of those things. 


      I took pictures at an event, came back, and all the pictures were gone.  A bunch of files showed up in the LOST.DIR file.


      A bit irked, I reformated the card via the phone.  Loaded some pictures on the phone in a separate subdirectiry.  The next few days I started losing pictures again.    After a number of reformats, I sent the card back thinking it was defective.


      I received a new card (both cards major brands purchased directly from Amazon), formatted it, and used it just for picture-taking with the phone.  Seemed to work, but I got up the next day, and the phone said there was no SD-card mounted, and it should be re-formatted.  I did so, and sometimes loading a few test pics, and sometimes just taking test pics with the camera.  Each time I started losing pics, and seeing files appear in the LOST.DIR. 


      Is there anything special about using the 32G card in the Fascinate?  I thought I had maybe a misbehaving application, but I've been careful to use only stock Fascinate apps.


      thanks for any suggestions!