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    Can't Save Ringtones to Ringtone Folder


      I can't save ringtones to my Moto Razr V3 (Verizon).  I've read dozens of posts on this subject and none of them work for me.  I email the ringtone to my phone but there is no option to save it as a ringtone or to save it to my ringtone folder.  The only place I can save it is to my sounds folder and there is no way of moving it to my ringtones folder.  I have sent the ringtones as mp3, wav, wma and midi (following instructions on various forums).  They are all between 20 to 60 kb and less then 5 seconds long but I can't get them into my ringtone folder.  Can some please tell me how to do this correctly.  I would also like to know which file formats can be used for ringtones (mp3, wma, wav....).  Thank you.   Mac

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          Have you tried any third party apps like phonezoo or myxer (both free)?  I was having difficulty as well - all the parameters seemed to be in line but I couldn't get the tones to "take". Plus with all the editing and downsizing they sounded bad.  With the above mentioned apps, I could clip the 30 sec or so for the ringtone from the original mp3, and then it was formatted specifically for my phone, and sent as a pic message.  Worked like a charm, and sounded way better than my clumsy efforts at editing!!



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            Thanks for the reply SuzyQ.  I tried one online app. and it sent the clip to my phone just fine but then I have the same problem.  Once I get it, there is no option to save it to my ringtone folder.  The only option my phone gives me is to save it to my sounds folder and there doesn't seem to be a way of getting it from my sounds folder to my ringtone folder. 


            There must be a way of getting ringtones into this phone.   Can anyone else help?

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              I noticed this too when I sent one to my daughter's Alias.  I marked Save as ringtone, but it sent it to the card under My Sounds.  What's going on?  I've been able to do it before with this phone.

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                I, too, am having this problem. Two weeks ago I sent pix text with mp3 and used save as ringtone option with no problem. This week  I have no save as ringtone option and my file sent as an mp3 saved in my sounds as an aac.

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                  Very strange...I just went to phonezoo and sent a ringtone to myself, it came in, started to play, and I right keyed SAVE AS RINGTONE...it all worked just as it always has.  ** Update: Just added two more, no hitches.  I'm REALLY not sure what's going on with everyone else :smileysad: 


                  There were a couple of notes regarding Verizon on phonezoo's site:

                  "Open the PIX/MMS message and the song may start to play. If the song doesn't play automatically, hit the down key to select the sound file, so it will start playing."

                  NOTE: Verizon Wireless message delivery issues: The Verizon Wirelss network has been having problems with PIX message delivery. We have received reports from users of several hours delay in getting the messages. You may also see an email back from Verizon with the error "SMTP connection refused". Once we hand off the message to the carrier, there is not much we can do to speed up the delivery.

                  If you did not get a message, we ask you to please be patient and try again at a later time. Resending the message multiple times will only make the problem worse. Please stay tuned for updates.



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                    On mine, when I open the message and the music starts playing, I select "options" then have to select "save sound" and instead of selecting "ok," I have to select "set as" then "set as ringtone"