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    Number never shows up


      When I view current usage for one of my phone lines, texts to/from a certain phone do not show up, even though phone calls from this number and texts from other phones show up.  Texts to/from other phones in my account to that one certain number also show up.


      Anybody know why this would happen?  I really need to know all of the texts going between those two numbers, but Verizon stopped showing that information on Wednesday morning.

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          They probably just didn't text that number. I don't think the usage details would leave out just the texts from one specific number, but have calls for it.
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            We too seem to be missing quite a few numbers.  We recently switched to all iphones in our household, ever since, not one text message detail is showing up in current usage.  It also appears that other verizon to verizon texts are not being logged.  My husband and I have exchanged close to 100 texts since the switch, not one is showing up??


            Any ideas?  Is verizon no longer logging verizon to verizon text details??

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              Good morning! I appreciate the feedback from the community.


              jtel, when you are viewing the current usage, it can be that the usage was too soon and possibly not available to view in the system yet.  It can take a couple hours, maybe more, for the data to be available online.  Sometimes it is available sooner; however, its not a guarantee.  Have you tried to refresh and check at a later time?  Also, have you tried to check this information once this bill is generated?  If this is still happening, where you are definitely sending/ receiving text messages from a certain number, but not showing up on your current usage, please send me a Private Message and I will be happy to personally assist you.   


              Thank you,

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                i've noticed the same issue and it seems to be getting worse and worse.  i'm wondering if it is an iphone to iphone issue.

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                  I understand how important it is to be able to keep track and manage your messaging usage. No worries because I'm here to help.




                  Are you not able to view the messaging usage details online via your My Verizon? Have you notice that the usage you are unable to view are for certain numbers or is it just random?


                  You mentioned something about it being an iPhone to iPhone issue. Are you sending text messages using iMessage on your iPhone? If so, this is the reason they are not appearing online on your My Verizon. Messages sent using iMessage will not appear in your usage because it's an Apple messaging service that allows unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G and not our messaging system. If you want to disable the iMessage on your device click here for steps.


                  If you are not using iMessage and you are still unable to view the messaging details please post back and I will be more than happy to further assist you.  

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                    if a person does have an iphone and iMessage is being used is there another way get the numbers that are sent under iMessage to show up on the verizon bill?

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                      No, as the messages are handled directly through Apple.

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                        I have 1 repeated number going to, and out of one of my phones and I took at the text messaging usage and it shows up as 000 000 5861 (not the exact last 4 numbers)  why is this?  The phone the test messages that sends out and goes to is the  samsung intensity  I do not know the other party or their phone.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          I know unwanted messages can be a pain wife2grumpy! It sounds like you are receiving messages from a third party alert service or possibly an e-mail address or website. What are the messages in regards to? If you are trying to prevent the messages, please try to reply to them with commands such as STOP, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE. Additionally, we have a wide array of ways to prevent spam as well! http://bit.ly/SLJS0r I trust this information was helpful.


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