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    Droid 2: loose charger port


      My charging port is loose, and will fall out with the slightest movement. In order to use it while charging, I need to hold the charger in a certain position which is very tiresome. Is there anyway I can fix this myself without replacing it?

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          you can try a fatter charger like a blackberry

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            Alright, now my phone won't charge at all.


            The port has been loose since I bought my phone but gradually become looser, and as of 5 minutes ago it will not charge at all.


            I tried:

            -different wall outlet

            -plugging into pc

            -restarting phone


            My phone won't even recognize that it is plugged in.

            No led light, no little lightning bult.



            Help please :smileysad:

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              Good morning and thank you  for your response.


              HaleyBlaze, I understand you not wanting to replace your device; however, any work-arounds will only be temporary.  How long have you had the Droid 2?  Do you have insurance on it?  It may be covered under the warranty, or insurance.  However, we would need to speak with you personally or access your account to determine your options.  If you like, please send me a Private Message, and I will be happy to personally assist you. 


              Thank you,

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                Thank you for your input, but I decided to make an attempt at fixing it myself and did a pretty good job. My phone is charging now, and that's all I wanted. Thank you for your input!

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                  @HaleyBlaze   I have the same problem.  My phone is out of warranty and I don't have insurance. Short of paying $200-300 to upgrade my phone prematurely, paying $50 to a cell phone repair shop, or $100 for a charging mat and adaptor, I am clueless as to how to fix it myself.  What did you do???


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                    HaleyBlaze I'm in the same situation with mine too among a host of other major problems going on with the keyboard now. I have been using up until today my Multimedia docking station as a way to charge it.  Nothing else would work except my car but that's not convenient.  But the docking station charging has stopped working and I'm desperate to find out what you did to fix the problem.  Please share your discovery.  Thanks!

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                      I recently had a problem with my sons charging port on his droid 2.  The port was damaged from misuse and he wallowed out the port from not being careful and jamming the charger in the port.  He was getting by with it until recently the charger was so loose it wouldn't connect to charge.  In searching for a solution besides replacing the phone I came across the idea of a battery alone charger.  Verizon did not have one compatible with the droid 2 so in searching further I found one at Radio Shack for the phone.  It comes with an extra battery so you are not with out your phone while it is charging.  So far far it is working fine and the only inconvenience is changing out the battery.  The cost was reasonable at $57.00 plus tax.


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                        The last reply I read, the guy went to a retail outlet and paid an outrageous amount of money for a battery and charger.  That would be the right thing to do if you or someone you know wasn't handy with a mini screwdriver, soldering, and following directions well.  eBay has many US sellers (fastest shipping) who sell replacement li-ion batteries as low as $3 with free shipping. To charge that replacement battery you can also find US sellers selling "universal" li-ion wall chargers for just about the same $3.  That's if you can wait the 3 days it may take to be delivered.  $57 for now, or the same $57 would had bought you  6 chargers and 12 batteries through eBay three days down the line.   If your USB port is "blown-out" meaning its not as tight as it used to be, or the actual contacts inside have broken, then you can purchase the USB port itself and have it soldered in.  Just find the geeky kid in the neighborhood and offer him $20 to fix it.  Just ask him if he knows what "solder braid/wick" is (it's used t soak up the solder off of the contacts f whatever is being soldered) since he will need to use that and have the skill of working will small precise solder joints, which most kids already posses. My mothers Droid2 Global is still tight but doesn't always charge, I'm going to open it up and re-solder the port to the main circuit board and then superglue it so it don't break free again.  Other wise i was going to buy the port for $5 shipped and do the same re-soldering repair technique to install it.  I make it sound so easy, though it isn't as common as say making toast.

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                          Did you do this yet and take any pictures when you replaced the usb port on your phone? I'm about to do the same thing to my Droid 2. I bought this...



                          I saw this video and it's a good start but doesn't go into detail with replacing the port...



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