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    Nationwide Family Share Plan Billing Question


      I have a Nationwide Family Share plan-talk and text, 1400 min, with 5 lines, 4 of which have unlimited data.  I was just looking at the Verizon Wireless website, and that plan is $89.98 (for the first two lines-I get that it's $70+$9.99+$9.99).  Anyways, on my bill under Account Charges and Credits, the Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400, I am being charged $100.  Where is that coming from?  Looking back through my bills (which I haven't done for awhile...) I noticed that it's been $100 charge every month since Oct billing cycle.  And it was more than that before ($110 since Apr, and then $130 before that).  How do they come up with these numbers?


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          You are forgetting to add the texting to the base calling minute plan of $70. If you add $30 for the texting you get the $100 you are seeing on your bill.



          1400 minute plan for 2 lines = $89.98 = $70.00 + $9.99 + $9.99


          If you add the unlimited texting to make it a Talk & Text plan it will be:


          $119.98 = $70.00 + $9.99 + $9.99 + $30


          Verizon takes the base minute charge with the texting charge and lumps it together in the Account Charges and Credits to be the $100.00 which you see on your bill.