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    photos gone


      I was having the same issue with the phone saying I was low on storage. And now it seems to have deleted all my recent photos. Is there any way to find them?

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          Mine seem to vanish on occasion ,a restart seems to do the trick
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            My photos are gone too.. and turning my phone off and.back on doesn't help.. I had some really important pictures on there..
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              Doubtful that they're gone - but I know after the upgrade none of my pictures were recognized by the Gallery app eventhough they were still there.  Check your DCIM/100MEDIA folder -  I bet they're all there.

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                Where is the DCIM/100Media folder? I went to the store and they "wiped" my phone, saying that the contacts, photos & videos would be saved. The contacts were ok, but most of the photos & all of the videos were gone. Only 67 photos were on the SD card. There were @300 pics. Not sure if they were saved to SD card.T
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                  I just received the new email format but I can't find my old emails. Where can I find them? Thanks. 

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                    Not sure what "wiped" means - if they did a factory reset it would have reset the phone to its original offering and all stored data would be gone unless they moved stuff to the SD card.

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                      Hello peppyw,


                      Thank you for reaching out to the community for assistance with your missing pictures. Picture and video archival is encouraged to be done to a 3rd party location in addition to the device memory and the memory card. If you haven't done so already then I would recommend connecting your HTC Incredible to a computer and enable USB mass storage. This can be done by selecting mount disc drive or enable USB mass storage from the curtain. 


                      Once you have done so, please look for the DCIM folder on t he computer, just as sethman recommended. All media that is stored on memory card can be found here. If you do not see the pictures in this folder then they have be deleted. I have heard of programs that are able to retrieve deleted files from memory cards to be available but since it's a 3rd party software then I am unable to make a recommendation. You can search Google with the phrase how to restore deleted files from sd card. 


                      Once you have tried the step above, please respond with your findings. If more help is needed then I am available to assist.


                      Thank you...

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                        how do we get the photos to be recognized by the gallery again???  all my pictures are gone- i mean, they aren't being read.. not even the ones on my SD card.....   my album says 0

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                          hi peppy.. .this happened to me once my phone finally installed the newest update...

                          i downloaded a MEDIA SCANNER app in the marketplace for free and ran it-  it found and put back ALL my photos in the gallery and my music and ringtones (lost over half my ringtones, but no actual songs)...


                          try that!  :smileyhappy:

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