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    Refurbished replacement phones


      I have now returned 2 Bionics to Verizon and I am shipping #3 off tomorrow. They always send a refurbished phone as a replacement, but I have found these phones to be defective each time. I am guessing they are just returns from other customers. They supposedly go through some sort of 100 point check system, but that apparently is a joke. 


      1st Replacement:  The volume button fell off after 1st use. Just popped right out and wouldn't stay in the phone. Also the phone was scuffed up and looked like it was a manufacturer's reject. 


      2nd Replacement:  The proximity sensor / light sensor does not work and the screen has issues. The screen on several occasions doesn't recognize that it is being touched or it will respond as if touched in a different location. 


      I can't wait to see what is going to be wrong with my 4th Bionic. It feels like Christmas morning... in a bad way. 





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