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    Data does not work on 3G on my 4G phone


      I purchased my Bionic after my Droid X failed to work after an Update. So now I have the Bionic because the area I'm in finally got 4G LTE service. Now I'm having the issue that unless the phone is in 4G the data and any other service that uses the internet does not work. I know the 3G service worked just great on my Droid X. So is this 3G service no longer work if you have a 4G phone or is this just some issue that can be resolved doing something with the phone or is my phone broken or does 3G service not work on 4G phones.


      Another problem I'm having is my phone is not recognized as being plugged into my computer. I no longer get the option to change how to connect my phone ie mass storage device charge only etc etc