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    Data plan cancellation


      I have had a data plan for almost 2 years now and want to get rid of it because I don't use it and my HTC Eris sucks and can't support any of the newer apps.  I am eligible for a new phone on 12/12/11 but my contract runs until 4/12/12.  Do I have to keep the data plan until 4/12 or can I cancel the data plan and keep just the phone service?  I am guessing that I need to keep the data plan and this dumb phone for another 4 months unless I want to get hit with a huge cancellation fee.

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          If you activate a feature phone on your line, you can remove the data package at that time. You should be able to find a basic phone (go to Shop and then look at feature phones to see some of the currently available models) fairly cheaply on eBay or Craigslist.  If you have family/friends who also have Verizon, they may even have an older phone they're keeping for a backup they would be willing to let you use.


          Once you complete your contract in April, you'll be able to cancel the line entirely without penalty.

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            Good afternoon and thank you spottedcatfish for that helpful information!


            abolk, we certainly do not want you to cancel your service!  Are you looking to remove the data plan from your line, or are you looking to cancel the line altogether?  As spottedcatfish mentioned, you will need to have the data plan as long as you have a Smartphone activated.  You are able to activate a basic phone on that line for now; therefore, you will not have to have the data plan.  However, if you plan on having a Smartphone on that line, it is best to keep the data plan, or you will not be grandfathered into the Unlimited Data plan.  


            If you still need assistance with your line, features, or options, please send me a Private Message and I will be happy to personally assist you.  


            Thank you,

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              Hi Vanessa or Verizon rep:


              I have a Droid that died and I reactivated a really old phone out of desperation.


              Do you have a listing of basic phones that do not require a data plan?  How about the LG Cosmo or LG Cosmo touch, Samsung Reality, Samsung Rogue? I am looking for a slightly older phone because my experience with your latest crop of both feature phones and Droids is frankly dreadful. 


              All of my friends who have them have the same problems--touch screens stops working, phones makes calls on its own, as well as self texting.  It's somewhat funny except that I am charged for these calls. To a person, everyone goes to Apple products and jumps ship to sprint if they can. 


               I have been a customer of Verizon since 1999, have a family plan with five members. and am not looking to change. But If the next Verizon phone is a dud, then I will be canceling.  


              And frankly, I am not holding my breath.  Based on comments on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and even here, Verizon doesn't seem to care the quality of their products or long term customers.  I am okay with a beta product but not when it is being misrepresented, And it's distressing that you aren't willing to make good--like giving me an upgrade now rather than waiting until February. (Aclually, I did get a text offering me an early upgrade of an Iphone, but the corporate store wouldn't honor it and wanted to sell me one for full price: I thought that bait and switch is illegal..not cool) 


              But if I get a decent phone that works with no data plan, then I will be happy. Thanks!













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                karschleg wrote:

                  How about the LG Cosmo or LG Cosmo touch, Samsung Reality, Samsung Rogue?  



                None of these phones require a data plan. Our family really likes the Reality(or SCH-U370 same thing) you can get them at Target and some Walmart. Also we like the LG Octane, free at Verizonwireless.com right now.