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    Restart on the Droid Razr


      I ran into a situation last night where I went to turn my phone off and when I went to turn it back on it locked up. Called Tech support and they told me since it does not have a battery, I would have to return it to the Verizon store or mail it back and they would send me a new phone. Just a FYI and this happens to you. I googled it and this is what you do below. You do not need to return you phone. It worked perfectly and i was up and running again in minutes!!!


      Since the DROID RAZR doesn’t have a removable battery, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do if the phone were to lock up. No chance for a battery pull, right? Thankfully, you can apply the same trick we do on the Motorola XOOM, a device that also does not have a removable battery. In fact this morning, I had to utilize that same trick since my RAZR’s touch screen refused to react every time I touched it. It wasn’t frozen – the soft keys all worked, I just couldn’t make anything happen by pressing the screen. And without the ability to touch your screen, you can’t hold power and then tell the phone to “Turn Off.”

      So what do you do? It’s simple.

      Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds and your phone should power all the way off. Then, power it back on as you normally would and get back to reading Droid Life.