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    Email Syncing (Google & Yahoo)




      I am new to this forum and recently purchased the new Droid Razr and wanted to know why my email was not syncing. Is there something further that I need to do? I used to have the IPhone and assumed it would work the same way. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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          Good afternoon! 


          I hope you are enjoying your new DROID RAZR! I've got an awesome tool here that will walk you through proper email set up and many other tasks to ensure top performance from your device!  Please advise the progress of your email set up. Since you have had issues, I would remove them by going to Settings>Accounts>Tap on appropriate account>Remove.


          Thank you!

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            I had the same problem with mine when I first got it.  For some reason when the VZW tech activated my phone and attempted to setup my already established gmail account he did something wrong.  The only way, and you don't want to hear this probably, I got the problem fixed was to do a Factory Reset because you can't delete your gmail account and start over...only a Factory Reset fixed my problem

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              actually, there is another way for Google.


              Step one: go to my accounts

              Step two: Click Google and create a new Google account.

              Step three: make sure you sync that

              Step four: Go to my accounts, click on original account that was set up incorrectly and click "Remove"


              Then you can repeat steps two through four, adding back in the correct account, and deleting the second one you created. 


              FYI this also corrects Calender sync issues

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                I have the same problem and I only got the phone yesterday, I also think I synced my back up email to my phone by accident. How do I change that?