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    Can I switch my phone number between two lines(not just between phones)?


      I have 4 months left on my current plan. I would like to take advantage of current holiday sales to get the droid razr for cheap. I am considering adding an additional line to my plan to get the upgrade. The problem with this is that I either have to use the new number and let my other contract end or continue on with my current number and pay for 2 lines for the next 2 years. I noticed that verizon lets you switch the phone number that is associated with your line. Would I be able to add an additional line to my plan and then switch the numbers between these two lines? Essential line A has number A and ends in 4 months, line B has number B and ends in 20 months, and I want to make it so that line B has number A and then only pay for line A for the next 4 months. Is this possible?