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    Billing terms M2MAllow, N&W etc


      Why are these terms not explained on the website ANYPLACE. I already seared ALL OF VERIZON for M2MAllow and got zero hits. Apparently, M2MAllow counts against your your Family allowance. But where is it defined? NOPLACE! Add to that a bunch of equally obscure terms like PlanAllow, M2MAllow,CallWaiting. Why is call waiting even listed? You're actually charged for some idiot that won't hang up while waiting for your line to be free?


      And, by the way, it would be pretty easy for Verizon to provide an application to analyze your family plan to find the best numbers to put in Friends and Family, but they don't. The application they provide is TOTALLY USELESS.


      A little **bleep** here.

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          M2M are calls from VZW customer TO VZW customers only. A call to another providers cell phone will use minutes unless that number is in your Friends and Family list.

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            are these "in" network calls still free or are they counting against your minute allowance?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi MR1Black,

              I apologize for the confusion regarding the "In Network" calls, which is now called Mobile to Mobile calling (M2M). As budone mentioned, M2M calls are those made to other VZW customers and M2M calls do not count against your minute allowance. You can conveniently manage your minutes directly from your phone by dialing #MIN. Additionally, you can check to see if any off your callers are included in your M2M calling by visiting http://bit.ly/r6dYu9 and scrolling down to Mobile to Mobile.  I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.

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