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    Imessage on iphone 4


      Hey guys, I just purchased an Iphone 4.  A friend of mine keeps trying to get me to turn on Imessage but I cant seem to figure out how.  She tells me to go to settings then to messages and just simply turn it on.  I do not have Imessage listed to turn on under the message settings?? 


      I checked to make sure the latest OS was installed and it is.  Any ideas? 

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          iMessage is on by default.  You can see this under settings/messages.  Assuming this is on, then iMessage is an automatic process.  If you are texting to another iOS5 device, the text bubbles will be blue when iMessage is active.  If you're texting to a non-iOS5 device then the messages automatically go via SMS (green bubble).  The advantage to iMessage is that it doesn't count against any SMS plan you have with your carrier.  Of course if you're unlimited, this wouldn't be an issue.