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    iphone 4 sound not working


      The sound on my iphone 4 stopped working. It does not ring when I get a call and no alerts when I get text messages.


      I checked my sound settings and it is set to receive all sounds and alerts. Why would this stop working? Anyone have this problem.



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          Just a guess but directly above the volume buttons is a little flip switch that allows the sounds to be turned on and off completely. Is it possible that you may have accidentally turned the switch off by mistake? Hopefully it`s that simple.

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            I am having the exact same issues.  My sounds are not working at all.  I have an otterbox so the likely hood of the switch being turned to the "off" position is slim to none; however I check it each time.  I have re-set my phone, completed a "soft re-set" I have checked all of my sound settings, nothing.  I press the volume up button on the side of the phone and the volume goes no where.  this has caused me to miss very important emails from clients.  Not a very acceptable story when I tell them my iPhone is not working.  Especially when I am working with high school students, teachers and counselors.  Most of which have an iPhone on their hip as well....  what next?  any ideas????

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              If you have tried the usual (reset/restart/restore...tried the restore without using a backup to restore from if doing it from a backup did not help) then you should still be under warranty for at minimum another month (if you got your iPhone 4 when it first came to VZW in February 2011). Contact VZW or Apple for assistance. If the problem is due to a defect not caused by something that would void the warranty then it will be replaced under warranty. If you have insurance from VZW that covers accidental damages not covered under warranty then you can use that option if the issue is declared to be due to non-warranty covered problems. When you say your sounds aren't working at all I assume you mean you not only can't hear the email/text alerst, but you also aren't able to hear when a call comes in ringtone sound not playing). Is that the case?

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                I'm having the same problems too. In fact, this the second time it happened on the same phone. I received a replacement phone but when I got it my phone started to work again so I gave back the repalcement. Now I'm back to square one.

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                  HELP!!! I am having the same issues. Sometimes my phone will ring when I get a call, most time no and I miss calls. My alerts to my calendar don't work ever and if I get a text or imessage no sound either. I've tried everything and nothing works. I called the Tech Support line and the only thing I can do they said is try a Master Reset which will wipe out everything on the phone. I'd have to back up all info. into Itunes, which I don't know how to. Love the phone but starting not to love it.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    New phones are always fun and the iPhone is definitely the latest and greatest! In regards to the sound not working properly on your device, you would want to first check the sound settings http://bit.ly/PyOwB. If the sound is not muted and properly enabled and you are still having audio issues, a backup and restore would be the next step http://bit.ly/vA8ie9. I you find this information helpful and I look forward to any responses.

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                      I have my phone in an otter box and would never think of checking the switch that turns the sound off. As I took my phone out of the holder yesterday I dropped it and it landed flat on the back with enough force to move the switch to the off position. Simple to fix in my case and I am glad to have it in the otter box.