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    Class Action Lawsuit against Verizon


      I have had a "NO DATA CONNECTION" for a while now, and there is no resolution.  I've called Verizon tech support twice and got nowhere.  Before I called, I did the usual reboot, battery pull, battery and sim card pull for 30 minutes, airplane mode toggle, etc. and it did not work. So I called Verizon who walked me thru doing the same stuff and still no resolution. "they would only document the problem", meanwhile I cannot conduct my business properly, and have missed some very important emails. I rely on my data connection.  After extensive searching for other people with the same issue, it's apparent this has been a nationwide problem, and not just for the Bionic.  But Verizon seems more involved in pushing out a new phone (razr) and ignoring this issue. I have talked to a friend of mine who works at Verizon, who said that an update to fix this well documented issue was to come out early in November was a lie that the employees were told to use as an excuse until the new phone was released.  Based on my line of work, I am meeting with a few of my attorney friends to start a class action lawsuit, and enjoin the suit in Utah that is being pushed for.  The Verizon store refuses to acknowledge problem, and only try to sell me a new phone.  This is not an option.  I have 6 lines with Verizon personally, and most of my employees and colleagues have the same problem. I encourage everyone willing to fight Verizon, send me an email to {edited for privacy} and include your story and contact info.  Hopefully Verizon executives will see this and try to resolve amicably, but if not, they had their chance.

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          You might want to read your contract with Verizon Wireless again and completely understand it before going down a road that involves lawyers.
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            Nighthawk, in case you did not heed Ann154's advice, I will share what is in the contract, you may only sue VZW in Small claims court or through arbitration. Class Actions suits are not allowed and the US Supreme Court has agreed.


            If your attorney friends are true friends, they will let you know that before you throw money at nothing

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              you can try to get another sim card, however it would most likely be the same issue. Data does drop off from time to time, restartting your phone should bring the data back


              It is something i'm sure samsung and vzw are working on

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                Not sure if Verizon had you try this but this happens to me from time to time when my phone tells me there's no data connection, for some reason mobile internet gets turned off. 

                Usually solved by going to Menu, Settings, Wireless & Networks, scroll to the bottom of the page, make sure Mobile Network is checked or turned on which ever option your phone has. Also double check and make sure your phone is on CDMA/LTE (or LTE/CDMA, same difference) mode so it knows to look for the data connection. 


                This is more of a software or Radio issue with the phone, if all the settings in the phone are correct, not an issue with their towers, if it was a major issue with the towers they would fix it immediately, and everyone in your area would be screaming. Usually if its a phone issue they will issue you a new phone at no cost to you. 


                But double check your settings, see where that takes you, if not then its just a solid issue in the phone, call the warrantee center and tell them your issue they should automatically issue you a new phone. 

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                  No, they will not automatically give you a new phone.  They may offer to send you a refurbished phone, and then they pass you on to Motorola, where you will talk to a foreign customer service rep who will suggest you mail them the phone.


                  I don't know about you, but I don't want to be without a phone for a couple of weeks.


                  It may be a software/radio issue with the phone, but it seems to be consistant across devices..I have a friend with a Thunderbolt that does the same thing, and my boss as a Facinate that does as well.  The only thing that gets data back is rebooting the phone.


                  And who knows how long you will have data at that point.


                  The only time I have consistent data is when I'm on wifi.  This is unacceptable as I use Google Voice for all calls/txts, I use Maps and Waze during my commute, and I like to listen to music from my phone via my stereo.  None of this is possible during my commute, because I lose my data connection several times both ways.



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                    That's not how Verizon's warrantee center works. If you call up with a software of mechanical issue with the phone Verizon (not Motorola) will send you a new or refurbished phone, overnight shipping. Then you have one week to send the defective phone back to avoid being charged for the refurbished phone. They don't make you send your phone in first, I have no idea where you even heard that. 


                    Regular data drop outs then reconnecting is a normal thing now do to the switch to 4G and the work being done on the towers. But in this case we're talking about losing data connection and never having it return again, which is a Radio issue with the phone, possibly a deffective peice of hardware or currupt software. Could be a number of different things. 

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                      To clarify, if you have a warranty exchange (those after 14 days and before 365 days) VZW will start the process. The REFURBISHED replacement phone will arrive at the address on record within 5-7 business days unless the subscriber pays for 2nd day service.


                      As for how long you have to return the old phone, I am not sure of the time period.

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                        can we get a sub forum for all the calss action threats?

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                          Certain cases Verizon will send a brand new phone, I've seen it done 3 times now. Also the return policy has changed, it's 2nd day air now by default at no charge. Verizon says there's a one week time limit to send the phone back, but its actually a month, a Verizon rep told me this. 


                          I have had to send my Thunderbolt in for exchange twice, once do to the phone not booting and the other because the touch screen stopped working. Each time I got the phone via Fedex 2nd day air. 


                          My cousin got fedex next day air also when he had to warrantee his phone, neither of us got charged anything extra. 

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