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      I don'T want to sound stupid but I can't figure out where the icloud is on my phone or how to set up automatic sharing to my computer.  HELP  Please!!!!


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          iCloud is in settings.  Assuming you've already migrated your mobileme account to iCloud or created a new account, then iCloud works in the background, syncing contacts and calendars from your mac.  You do need to get into system preferences on the mac and go to the iCloud settings there as well.  It's similar on a pc, but I'm not experienced in that aspect.

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            iCloud is located in settings main menu.


            You can setup your account from the screen.


            You can also go to URL icloud.com from your mobile device. Good luck!


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              As for automatic sharing on your computer you need to have LION installed.


              After that you go to System prefs Click iCloud and Blammo you are all set :smileyhappy: It has a nice walkthrough.


              Word of warning, gmail sync with iCloud turned on will not work. Lame I know, but yeah.