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    Picture messages not downloading


      When I receive a picture message, it has a gray box that says download. When I click on it, it says Downloading, but than nothing happens. It also takes almost a day to send a picture message! I will send it and it says pending and than sends randomly the next day. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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          Good evening AndreaB_613,


          I know it has to be frustrating not being able to send your picture messages successfully. Are you still experiencing this difficulty? I researched this and did not find it to be a commonly reported issue with your device. If you haven't already, please remove the battery from your device, leave it out for about 30 seconds and then reinsert the battery and try sending a picture. If you have an auto signature make sure it's disabled. If this doesn't solve your issue in order to better assist you I do have to ask you several questions: What zip code are you currently located in? Are you able to browse the web or send emails successfully? Are you able to send and receive text messages? Is this only occurring when sending or receiving from one particular contact or does it happen with everyone? Feel free to post if you are still experiencing difficulties or for immediate assistance you can visit us on Twitter @VZWSupport or call 1-800-922-0204. Thanks for being part of Verizon Wireless. 


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            I have same problem with my continium. Zip 60511. You help on the phone ran thru everything and still have problem.

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              I recently purchased the Samsung Stratosphere (in the last two weeks) and when I receive a picture message IM/text, the picture does not appear. The IM bubble says downloading, the size, and when it expires. If I click the bubble the message details appear but I cannot download the picture. This is extremely frustrating, please advise.

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                I am having the exact same problem.  Any solutions???

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                  Same issue with my Pantech Breakout!

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                    The exact same thing is happening with my new Samsung Stratosphere.

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                      Hello everyone, since everyone has different phones, I will give some general troubleshooting. First, are you able to access Internet on your device? For 3G devices, dial *228 send, option 2. For 4G, just remove your battery and replace. Also, you can try enabling airplane mode then disabling. If still having any issues, I recommend contacting our technical support at 800-922-0204 option 3. 

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                        I have the Samsung Stratosphere and I am having the exact same problems. I tried removing the battery and this did not work. I tried turning Airplane Mode on and then back off...still got nothing. 


                        The picture messages I am receiving are just saying downloading and the message actually says Expired on (exact time the pic message is sent). When I send a picture it just says pending then I get a small prompt that states this service is not available at this time.


                        I was able to send picture messages with my old phone (not an android/smart phone). Please do not tell me I have to upgrade my plan to send out picture messages?

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                          I also get a pop up that says "Currently unavailable. This picture will go through when this service becomes available."


                          I checked my plan and I have unlimited texting, which includes pictures and videos. Not sure why I am not getting part of a service I paid for.

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