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    Super Suspicious Email to us Posters


      I received a suspicious Email  from:


      "verizonwireless@sgaur.hosted.jivesoftware.com" <verizonwireless@sgaur.hosted.jivesoftware.com>


      that came with a pop-up asking for UserName & Password.   It referenced some postings I read & replied to on these forums (Easily accessed public knowledge, that some might think is privileged information  - It's Not, anybody can get it)


      Also the sleaze bags that operate fishing sites have addresses that start out with reputable company names - "BankofAmerica", "Chase",  "verizonwireless", etc.. You can call yourself anything,   but the DOT COM at the end could be anybody from Nigeria.


      Another rule-of-thumb is NEVER sign on to a site from an email.  If you're getting an alert,  open another browser window and go to your account directly.


      I pay my Verizon bill online.  I don't know if accessing my Verizon account could get them anything,   but this is a heads-up for everybody out there.


      P.S.  who's   H-ttps://amstage.verizonwireless.com    If this email is realy coming from Verizon somebody needs to be fired.

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