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    Forward text to email


      I used to be able to Forward text messages to my e mail on my 'dumb' phone.  How can I do that on my new 'smart' Bionic?

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          You use the same technique as Forwarding a text to a phone number, but enter an e-mail address in the "To" window instead of a phone number:


          Assuming you're using the stock Texting client...

          1. Long-press on the message and a window should pop up, and one of the options will be Forward Message.
          2. Select Forward Message.
          3. In the To: box, type in an e-mail address.

          It seems that if you just enter a name in the "To" box it will only give you the option of the phone number associated with that name, but it will accept an e-mail address if you type it in manually.  I just-now tried it and forwarded a text message to my e-mail address.