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    Bloatware on LG Revolution


      Anyone know how to remove the following bloatware from my LG Revoluion/  Useless, not needed, never used, memory squatting programs.  All I've seen outside of Verizon are root apps, and we shouldn't have to resort to this to remove them.  I can't find anything on the forums about this, and I suspect Verizon doesn't want to touch this as they have $$ revenue partners like Bing. 

      Here's my list of crapware:

      Bing (useless)

      4g Mobile Hotspot (unless they include this as part of the data plan, it's unwanted)

      Amazon Kindle



      City ID

      Facebook for LG (****** program and downloaded the official app)

      Guided Tours (used once so I should be able get rid of)

      Lets Golf 2



      Rock Band (really? free to try, pay if you want to use crapware)



      V Cast (all) Media Manager, Music, Tones

      V Apps

      Verizon Video

      VZ Navigator (**** program and Google is FREE)

      Twitter for LG

      Mobile IM (what is this? I've never used it and I have messaged, gtalked, etc.)


      Geezus...  that's a ton.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          This has been covered over so many threads, bloatware can not be removed off any of the device at this time without using methods that will void your warrenty for the device...    ICS reports that this option will be included with that OS if you are lucky enough to see it but I still think that the carriers may block this option like some have with other options that they chose to restrict..


          Just have to live with them, the best thing to do is install ADW or Launcher Pro and hide all the icons for the apps you dont use like so many have been forced to do..