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    The 'FAKE' Verizon stores


      I am extremely disappointed that the 'real' corporate Verizon has allowed secondary verizon stores to usurp the 'real' Verizon truthfulness and quality.  The company I am specifically complaining about is Cellular Sales of Knoxville and their type.


      My wife just got her first smart phone prior to the State Fair of Texas.  As we were walking thru The Fair we came across a 'Verizon Wireless' booth.  She had a question and we stopped to talk to the reps.  As we were talking, Eddie asked me what kind of phone I have.  I showed him my old Blackberry.  He said 'oh man, we can do better than that for you'.  After a little hesitation I agreed to let him switch me over to a new smart phone.  He said 'come back in half an hour'.  My wife and I roamed around and returned to Eddie after 45 min.  Eddie said' I need another hour - hour and a half'.  We left briefly.  I said to my wife....that is my business phone and Eddie wants to tie it up for another hour plus.  We went back and I told Eddie I needed my phone.  He said give me fifteen minutes.  As he finished the change to the new MERGE phone he asked me how I was going to pay for it.  I told him with a credit card.  He said just give me 20 bucks cash and you're all set.  I asked Eddie if this was a scam.  He assured me that he / they are the real Verizon.  He told me there would not be any changes in my service and no additional charges.  I gave him the 20 bucks and we left.


      I left the fair without knowing how to really use the MERGE phone Eddie 'sold' me.  I couldn't get my emails.  I only had the most basic instruction manual.  I got on the internet so I could order a manual with all of the operating features and how-to information.  I went to the 'real' Verizon Wireless web site looking for their instruction manuals for a MERGE phone.....YOU don't even handle MERGE phones.  I went to the 'real' Verizon store in Mt. Pleasant, TX and they had never seen a MERGE phone.


      After three days, I got my old Blackberry connected back to the 'real' Verizon. My bill came and there was $147.00 up-charge because I had changed my service contract in the middle of the month.  Thanks to the 'real' Verizon 's 'Georgia' in the West Virginia call center, she got me back on track.




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          Caveat Emptor . . . those "secondary marketers" are resellers of Verizon SERVICES, but Verizon does not control their marketing practices and policies. Consider it a lesson learned, stick with Verizon corporate stores or online directly from the Verizon website, and avoid third party hassles.
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            I wouldnt go that far. I work at a Premium retailer out of Standish, MI and i can asure you that this is not the case. We get ALOT of customers coming from corporate stores that have many issues that we then have to fix. Even today I had a customer coming from the Saginaw, MI corporate store whos iPhone was not programmed succesfully. The reps litterally handed her the phone and didnt make sure it was working. This is HORRIBLE and would never happen in my store. I make sure EVERY customer that walks into my store has a 100% working phone and knows how to fully operate it before walking out the door. I have found that corporate stores may have better sales tactics but their customer service is ****!!! They dont have enough reps to get the customers helped efficiently, whenever i go to a corporate store there is at least an hour wait in line. THIS IS STUPID!!! I would prefer a premium retailer over corporate any day of the week since support is what matters most to me. OKTHXBYE

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              Any store can activate a phone. It's simple, though sometimes time consuming. I don't doubt that some sales reps wouldn't want to 'waste' time on a difficult activation when they could be selling things but I think what they're getting at is that some premium retailers have different policies than corp VZW does. So, it makes it harder for customers who purchase equiptment from them to get a whole lot of assistance at a corp VZW store, and vice versa. Especially when it comes to returns, activation fees, etc.