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    No Data Connection - Droid 3


      I'm on my umpteenth replacement device from Verizon, this phone has been activated since Friday, and the data connection goes in and out.  I have tried resetting the data using airplane mode, turning the phone off and on, disabling the wireless, still nothing.


      Anyone else experiencing this, or know how to fix it?

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          Hi bluesky69477,


          I understand your discontent. It must be frustrating to have a fluctuating data connection on your phone. As I checked my resources I see that aside from the troubleshooting steps you have already done (as per your post), this data connection issue may be caused by the Data Saver feature (if enabled) on your phone. Please Disable Data Saver as this may resolve the issue.


          Additionally, doing a Factory Reset has also resolved data connection issues for others. I trust that one of these troubleshooting steps will resolve your data concerns.


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            I have done all of these, and it is still an issue.


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              Just to make sure I'm clear bluesky69477, you have had several Droid 3's replaced with the same issue of no data connection?

              You surely shouldn't have the same issue on multiple devices. What happens when you try to access data? Do you get 3G at all? 1x or no service on your Droid 3?

              Where are you located in Texas (zip code)? Are you in a 3G Coverage area?

              Are you able to access any data service when you utilize WiFi? Is there anyone else that has a Verizon smartphone that is also not able to access data in your area?