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    I can't receive calls????


      I have a basic Samsung phone and I have been using it for about two months when all of the sudden yesterday it started not receiving calls. I can make outgoing calls as well as send/receive texts but anytime someone tries to call me it says "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please hang up and try your call again". I have already dialed *228 several times to activate the phone again and it always says it is complete. I'm not sure how I can fix this?

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          I have been in situations were I was unable to receive calls and I can understand your frustration.  Have you tried to remove the battery from the device? Do you have call forwarding active on your phone?  What is the zip code in which you are primarily using the equipment in? Can you please tell me the exact Samsung Model you are using? Please answer these questions so I can help you resolve your issue.  Thanks.